The diary is about my Fella life.

This one is my first time to go abroad. It was midnight when I arrived Cebu, I didn’t feel tired and nervous.

I admired along Philippines’ streets while I was going to school and I enjoyed different kind of country environment.

Although it was midnight, many cars were on the road. The view makes me feel not midnight.

I arrived school and after one day, I started my Fella life.

At first, I took a test to know my English level, the result as I expect is level 1.

English environment made me not accustom. If I can’t speak and I don’t understand what the teacher say, that is very difficult to communicate, but teachers are patient and lively that made me feel no stress.


After class, if you want to talk with foreign people, you have to speak English, the reason is no other than learning for myself, that is different from Taiwan, everybody just cope with exam.

In here, we speak English all the time, such environment made my speaking improve so much.

Except learning English, we can also know other countries’ culture on group classes.

There are many small island that are good for holiday. It is another kind of experience to live, I usually stay home to play computer games and watch movies, but there are limpid ocean and clear white sand here, you can lie on the send to enjoy star gazing and listen to the wave, that’s such relaxation, I can’t feel any pressure because stress and problems vanished away and my heart was very peaceful at the moment.


I have two unaccustomed things, one of them is weather, it is always hot and if don’t take care of your skin, it will get sun burn soon.

Another one is food, every dish is greasy and salty, I have already gotten fat for about 3KG since I arrived here, but pork is delicious that is worth mentioning.


I’ll finish my fella life soon, on the whole, I’m very satisfied with fella life, here I did not just making a lot of friends and so on although it was only 3 months, but I became better. If I have money after working holiday, I’ll come here again because I really like Fella life.


English Fella – 台灣學生Charley 分享遊學感想